Magic Leap One, the device of mixed reality that promises to be “revolutionary”, begins to sell for $ 2,295

Magic Leap One, the principal gadget of blended reality of Magic Leap, has started to be sold today in “select territories” of the United States for 2.295 dollars. This is the Creator Edition, a form that as indicated by the organization’s official chief, Rony Abovitz, is “a quality item for

Oculus Go, analysis: this is what we offer autonomous glasses that aspire to boost virtual reality for 219 euros

Oculus Go: specifications methods and features The first impression that these glasses transmit immediately after removing them from their box is positive. Its finish is not at the level of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, but it’s still good. And the fact is that the chassis plastic does not

Top Scary Games Of All Time

Con el comienzo de nuestra “Top” , te presentamos los  Top Scary games de todos los tiempos. 1. Amnesia: The Dark Descsent (PC) Desarrollador (es): Juegos de fricción Editor (es): Juegos de fricción Etapas: Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, Linux El desvío se encuentra en Londres, en el año 1839.

PS4 Vs Xbox One – ¿Cuál comprar?

Ahora que el tema central que se presenta ante ustedes es: ¿qué es lo que compro? Planeamos investigar las ventajas y desventajas de ambos y darle una idea de dónde colocar su dinero para el mejor conocimiento de juego. Ofertas hasta la fecha Las dos consolas propulsadas con toda la

The Top 10 List – Hottest Girls in Video Games

Choosing the top 10 girls who consume smoke computers is not just a difficult activity. I think it’s totally unimaginable. Nevertheless, I have some choices to make that I could however desperate. These are ALL women of ALL diversion on ALL gaming comfort available to the man! Clearly, some of

Benefits of Playing Online Games

Progress has been in the alcove and the corner of the world. With progress and modernization, those who have the most benefit are the children. We are adults are in no way aware of the huge propelled objects that are available to us on the web. Young people, no matter